Key Features

  • Certificate Included
  • A mixture or theory and practical instruction
  • Qualification valid for 3 years

Course Overview

This course is suitable for any person who needs to be aware of the diagnosis and treatment of anaphylactic reactions.

The Anaphylaxis program includes the following

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • The definition of and causes of Anaphylaxis
  • Recognition of a minor reaction and an Anaphylactic reaction
  • Basic First Aid for a minor allergic reaction
  • Emergency First Aid treatment for a serious anaphylactic reaction
  • Training in when to administer medication for an anaphylactic reaction
  • Demonstration and practise using training units of a variety of common Adrenaline Auto-Injectors


A minimum of three hours makes up this unit consisting of theoretical and practical work.  A 1 hour version of this course can be added to any of our First Aid courses

Course Accreditation

This course is valid for 3 years from the date of completion.




No formal assessment is performed on this course, although the trainer will continually observe and monitor all candidates throughout the course, along with a multiple choice question paper. An Anaphylaxis certificate will be issued to all successful candidates, which is valid for 3 years

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