COVID Training Standards

Along with great training, the safety of our staff and our students is our highest priority. All our first aid courses are undertaken using the latest scientific advice, training guidelines and government recommendations. All our course attendees are asked to listen carefully and follow the advice of our instructor team who will be present throughout your training with us.

First and foremost, if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms then we insist that you follow the government guidelines to stay at home and self-isolate.  In this instance, please DO NOT ATTEND our courses.  Failure to do so will mean that you will be removed from the course.

All of our staff will have undertaken a Lateral Flow Test on the first day of your course. In the unfortunate circumstance that all staff need to isolate we will contact you to rearrange your training as per our terms and conditions.

During your Course

On arrival, you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided and / or wash your hands.

We recommend that you check-in to our location with the NHS COVID-19 Test & Trace app QR code

We will ask everyone to cleanse their hands before, during and after all the practical sessions as well as when they return to the training room following breaks.

Regular hand washing is better than hand sanitiser – do you know how to correctly wash your hands? Are you sure about that? 

On our longer courses, this is one of the exercises we run and, so far, we have only had ONE class that ALL correctly washed their hands. How do we do this? – join us to find out!

Throughout your course, you will be reminded of the need to regularly wash/sanitise your hands and the importance of barriers.

Each student will be provided with their own manikin for their sole use throughout the course, plus a full set of personal barrier materials..

Tea and coffee making facilities are available throughout our courses. Students should only make their own drink and ensure there is only one person at a time in the refreshment area. Hand sanitiser is available, and we ask you to use it before making your drink.

If someone develops COVID-19 symptoms while on one of our courses, we will ask you to self-isolate. All delegates will be asked at the end of their course to tell us if they develop symptoms.  This enables us to identify all other course attendees and contact them to let them know if they should self-isolate.


We undertake training on behalf of businesses, schools, gyms and others in their preferred location. It is your responsibility to have undertaken a risk assessment to ensure that it is suitable for the agreed number of attendees to maintain a safe distance from each other whilst undertaking the various elements of the course. If you are not sure then we are happy to come out and work with you to achieve the requirements for the course.

Our numbers have always been low when training in our own classroom. This provides a better environment for interaction with plenty of time for the practical elements of the course.  Our course attendees have told us that they really like this approach and it works really well.  These measures are particularly appropriate during these COVID-aware times.

Our classroom has a dehumidifier running with the indoor humidity level keeping the relative humidity value at 40% and 60%.

Where appropriate, doors and windows will be opened to circulate the classroom air and for added ventilation.

Laerdal Manikins

The manikins we use are all from the well-known and highly respected manufacturer Laerdal.

All have one-way valves. These stop air coming back out of the manikin’s mouth and direct expired air out of the back of the head via a filter.

If manikins are used for a two-person training skill, additional procedures are in place that include using sanitising wipes to clean and disinfect all surfaces.

Our Laerdal manikins also provide real-time feedback. This gives students a chance to get competitive and to see who is the most effective at performing the skills they’ve learned. We guarantee you that by the end of the course EVERYONE will be extremely effective and very competent at delivering the skills they’ve been taught.

HSE requirements

For our workplace courses, the HSE requires all students to demonstrate Rescue Breathing and CPR skills. Our training procedures and cleaning regimes follow all the official guidance and recommendations, allowing us to confidently teach these specific skills in our training courses.

After the Course


After each first aid course, our manikin t-shirts are removed, along with their faces, and are all washed in the washing machine or dishwasher and properly dried. We do get some funny looks from the neighbours when the washing line is full of faces, but we think they’ve got used to us now!

All manikin lungs are removed and thrown away at the end of the course. Each manikin body is carefully washed and fully disinfected.

Other Training Aids

All training aids are throughly disinfected prior to being packed away.

The Classroom is cleaned and isolated for 48 hours before our next course starts.


If anyone needs to isolate after the course, we will contact all attendees to let them know.

About Rutland First Aid Training

We specialise in running high quality first aid training in small groups. We concentrate on providing everyone with the skills and confidence needed in a real emergency.  This will ensure that you are prepared to undertake the various first aid skills needed to improve the casualty’s chance of survival.

We run a variety of courses including the Airborne Pathogen Awareness course, click the button below to find out more.

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