Airborne Pathogen Awareness


Key Features

  • Wall Certificate

Course Overview

The EFR® Airborne Pathogen Awareness course provides participants with a fundamental understanding of diseases that are transmitted primarily through the respiratory system.  Diseases such as influenza (flu), SARS, COVID-19 and tuberculosis.  Participants should be able to explain and identify the two main mechanisms of transmission, as well as methods for reducing transmission risk through the use of disinfection, protective equipment, distancing and airflow


This is a three (3) hour course.

What you will Learn

The Bloodborne Pathogens program is designed to teach laypersons

  • The main mechanisms of transmission of disease
  • The methods for reducing transmission risk
  • Reporting and logging procedures.
  • Application and removal of PPE
  • Disposal of hazardous waste

The course is designed so the instructor can adapt, augment and adjust content to meet individual, company and local regulatory requirements as needed. It is also designed to be conducted in person, or via online instructor presentation, student practice and instructor assessment.

Scheduled Courses

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